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Cast Completed for Fall Studio Play "Touch"

May 2011

Touch, by Toni Press-Coffman, will be the first Studio Theatre show of the 2011-12 season. Auditions were held May 2; the show will be directed by SAU Theatre major Val Zawada.

There are four roles in the show, two male and two female; all are in their mid-to late twenties:

Kyle - Tony Stratton
Serena - Molly Conrad
Bennie - Jonathan Smith
Kathleen - Grace Allen

Touch is about an astronomer named Kyle. He tells us the story of how he met his wife, Zoe, how they fell in love, and that leads us up to Zoe's kidnapping and murder. We follow him as he loses himself in work and relations with a prostitute, and watch as life moves on without him. The show explores how to heal and restructure our lives after support disappears, and learning about the complexity and wonder of the human soul along the way.

When asked why she chose this show, Zawada replied that it was "because of the design and directing/acting potential that accompanies it. These characters (Kyle in particular) are going to be so wonderful to discover, and I'm planning on incorporating a lot of discussion into our rehearsals. I'm hoping that my actors will be as psyched about researching the cosmos as I am, because there is a lot to study!" 

Zawada has great plans for the production process. "We will be making a field trip to the planetarium, and looking at some really beautiful pictures from space for inspiration. Another part of this show is the importance of poetry (Keats in particular) so I will also be selecting a few poems to discuss," she said.

Theater majors and minors prepared a one minute, contemporary monologue for auditions, and they also performed cold readings from the script. Zawada was looking for monologues that have a good arc of development and ones that are well prepared. "Character research is key for this production!"

Zawada said she wanted actors who can really commit to their character and the entirety of the show, as well as people who are going to take the opportunity and initiative to find out who their character is. Rehearsals will take place one week prior to move-in day, and the cast is expected to be off-book for the first rehearsal.

Touch will open Sept. 8 and close Sept. 10.

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