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Senior Spotlight: William Shaw

May 2011

Hometown: Aurora, IL
Previous Productions: Inherit the Wind, Lettice and Lovage
Major: Business Management
Latest Project: Trying to beating a case of senioritis, and graduating on time.
Why SAU?: I chose SAU because it was fairly close to home, not many people I knew were going here, the small class sizes, and good scholarship money.
Favorite SAU Experience: Learning how to weld in the scene shop during my freshman year.
Dream Job: Stay-at-home dad
Favorite Actor/Actress: Jeff Bridges
Advice for Freshmen and Transfer Students: Many times there is room for someone to be "that person", don't be "that person." Nobody likes "that person".
After Graduation: I will hopefully be staying in the QC area. I need to find a job here first and then I think things will fall into place. Until that comes along I am open to suggestions.

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