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Fresh Fall ACCEL Classes

August 2011

We are very excited to announce that the instructor for our ENGL 120: Lit Topics class for the fall will be Sr. Joan Lescinski, PhD, President of St. Ambrose University. Students will examine poetry in English from throughout the centuries until the present day which deal with universal themes such as love, death and the passage of time. Sr. Joan will touch on both the form and the content of poetry and assist students in becoming familiar with key tools used by poets to create this most unique form of literature.

Other new Fall 2011 courses

BIOL 115 The Biology of Cancer
Designed to introduce non-science majors to science in a specific context: cancer. This course will examine what is currently known about the nature, origins, and treatment of cancer as well as how a scientific approach reveals this information. Students will also look at the impact of cancer on individuals and society.
PHIL 208 Philosophies of Life
This course examines what great thinkers have said about the goals and values of human existence, and how life should be led. It uses both literary and philosophic sources to raise questions concerning the self and the relation of the individual to other persons.

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