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Senior Spotlight: Grace Allen

September 2011

: Chicago, IL

Previous Productions: Lady Plymdale in Lady Windermere's Fan, Rebel in Columbinus, Female Netizen in "Dark Plays of Stories for Boys", Director of "For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls", Ensemble in "The Drowsy Chaperone", Joan in "Sexual Perversity in Chicago", Hattie in Laundry and Bourbon

Latest Project: I am playing Kathleen, the hooker with a heart of gold, in "Touch", and gearing up to start working on the show I'm directing in the spring, "reasons to be pretty"

Why SAU?: St. Ambrose University was honestly not my first choice for school. I wanted to go to Marquette, with lots of people and in a big city. However, I got a lot of financial aid from SAU, so I came here. THANK.GOD. I couldn't be ANY happier with my decision. I have literally had the greatest time of my life, and am SO sad to be leaving.

Favorite SAU Experience: I have no idea where to begin. From family dinners during "Sexual Perversity" rehearsals, to ghost hunting and trying to find the tunnels with Tony Stratton, to summoning ghosts with Keith Haan's Ouiji board, to taking and almost failing Aji's class, to all the nights at Mac's place.  I would never be able to diminish one memory by calling another a favorite. They have all been amazing.

Dream Job: Being Dianne Dye (SAU Costume Shop Manager), obviously.

Favorite Actor/Actress: actress: Kate Winslet/Natalie Portman/Katie McCormack '10. Actor: Ryan Gosling/Tim Robbins/Dan Hernandez '11

Advice for Freshmen and Transfer Students: Bring a sleeping bag to Galvin and never leave. Trust me. The moment you have to, you'll wish you could call it home for forever.

What are your plans for after Graduation: Moving into Cory Johnson's home and letting her pay me to rake rocks for the rest of my life, or hopefully moving to either San Francisco or Austin. It's time for partycats to go bi-coastal.

Favorite moment in the SAU theater? Every moment that I met the crazy, ridiculous, loud, obnoxious, hilarious, comforting, amazing people in this department that I will forever call my second family.

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