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A Touch-ing Performance

October 2011

Valerie Zawada '13 made her foray into directing with Touch, by Toni Press-Coffman in the Studio theatre of Galvin, September 8.

"Touch" included the acting talents of Tony Stratton '12, Grace Allen '12, Jonathan Smith '13, and Molly Conrad '14.

"Touch" is about an astronomer named Kyle (Stratton) whose life is sent into a spiral after his wife, Zoe is murdered. We follow Kyle through the grieving process, and find ourselves asking the same questions he does; such as how one person can affect so much. The play deals with many of the problems we all relate to; loss of a loved one, trying to find some basis in our life, and wondering where we really fit into the grand scheme of things. 

Audience member Tim Stompanato says "it really hit home with a lot of people, all generations too. It's a universal feeling (of loss) that all of us experience and can relate to."  SAU English professor Owen Rogal was particularly struck by this Studio Theatre production.  "Choices say a lot about people," says Rogal, "And that Val chose this particular play suggests that she's a very smart reader - the play is brilliant."  In addition to loving the script, Rogal was impressed by the production itself.  "Val did not just bring a play to SAU," he says, "she realized onstage many of its possibilities."

Zawada says she is "incredibly happy with the audience reaction, the cast's final product, everything."                

The story of Zoe and Kyle really connected with the audience and they left with a reinvigorated appreciation for life, love, and a few questions. "Where do I really fit into my life", "Who has made a significant impact on me" and "What would I do without them." Touch offers an interesting perspective into relationships, and makes a bold statement about love conquering even death itself.

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