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"Dakota Jones" Cast List


November 2011

The next mainstage show is upon us–"Dakota Jones and the Search for Atlantis" is well on its way to being performed to thousands of energetic children for the annual Children's Show!  

The book and music for the show were written by SAU student Aaron Randolph '12 and is being directed by SAU Alum Daniel Sheridan '05. 

The main character–Dakota Jones, a precocious little girl with a passion for adventure and exploration–goes on a quest to find Atlantis with her wacky Uncle Hairbrain after learning about mythology and Atlantis from her teacher. During her adventures, Dakota encounters characters from the myths and befriends them.

Throughout her exploration, superintendent Mr. Blumblebutt–a grouchy workaholic–and his secretary, Miss Periwinkle, follow her and try to ruin her fun, but in the end they just might learn a thing or two about how to have fun. 

The Cast

Dakota Jones: Stacy Phipps '13
Ms. Harrison: Amanda Kochanny '13
Student/Starfish: Daniel Conlin '13
Student/Mermaids: Molly Conrad '14, Brooke Schelly '15
Mr. Blumblebutt: Anthony Stratton '12
Miss Periwinkle: Valerie Zawada '13
Uncle Harebrain: Jonathan Smith '13
Minotaur: Timothy Stompanato '13
Odysseus: Cody Johnson '13
Medusa: Stephanie Seward '13
Squiddy Davis, Jr.: Jonathan Ryan '12
Dean Marlin: Morgan Griffin '12
Poseidon: Casey Nabb '13

The show will be performed for the public December 3 and 4 at 3 pm in Allaert Auditorium.  

Tickets are $8 for adults, $7 for faculty/staff/alumni/children/non-SAU students, and free for SAU students. Tickets can be reserved by calling the Galvin Box Office at (563)333-6251.

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