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Senior Spotlight: Anthony Stratton '13

November 2011

Hometown: Oxford, Iowa

Nickname: Tony

Previous Productions: I have played Roger in A New Brain, Kyle in Touch, Parker in Lady Windermere's Fan, Adam in Dark Plays, or stories for boys, Prep in Columbinus, Underling in The Drowsy Chaperone.

Latest Project: I just played Roger in this month's musical, A New Brain, and am currently cast as Mr. Blumblebutt in the original children's musical, Dakota Jones and the Search for Atlantis

Why SAU?: I first went to Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids where I got my Associate's degree, and it was there that I knew that Ryan Westwood and Nathan Scheetz went from Kirkwood to St Ambrose. In my second year at Kirkwood I went to KCACTF and ran into Nathan and he introduced me to Cory Johnson. Cory gave me her business card and told me to consider looking into Ambrose for school after Kirkwood, and two years later I auditioned, and the rest is history. My favorite part is three years later after first meeting her, I still have the business card in my wallet that Cory gave me that night. :)

Favorite SAU Experience: Taking the Directing class (the hardest and most rewarding class I've taken throughout college), going through a coffee/ghost hunting phase with Grace Allen, our Wednesday Mound Street ritual, going to KCACTF as a partner this past January, the hard work I did to earn an A in Ethics class, working in the costume shop with Dianne Dye, building a blanket fort in Grace's room, and being a party cat. Also, receiving a coconut in the mail from my mother.

Dream Job: My dream job would be having steady work in film/television.

Favorite Actor/Actress: Natalie Portman and Leonardo DiCaprio

Advice for Freshmen and Transfer Students: Do anything you can to get involved right away! I was fortunate enough to be cast in the first production of the year in my first semester here as a transfer student, The Drowsy Chaperone, where I was introduced to and worked with a lot of people, many that became the close friends I have now. However, even in an instance that I didn't get cast I still actively helped with the production. GET INVOLVED, some way, some how!

What are your plans for after Graduation: I want to pursue professional acting focused in film/television. I like the convenience and closeness of Chicago, so that is always and option, but ultimately I want to save money to be able to move to Los Angeles.

Favorite moment in the SAU theater?: There's a few: the festiveness of The Galvins, being nominated for an Irene Ryan from Columbinus. Nearly changing the end of Touch drastically during the first performance by accidentally saying "Zoe was alive" instead of "Zoe was smiling." Getting a friendly slap of approval from Cory after a Touch performance, and of course the continuous spit-take scene in The Drowsy Chaperone!

If there was one theater in the world that you could go see any show, what show and what theater would it be? A bit of a time warp is needed for this, but I would have loved to be able to see the original cast of Wicked on Broadway.

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