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Dakota Jones premiered to over 5,000 patrons

December 2011

Dakota Jones and the Search for Atlantis, written by Aaron Randolph III '12 and directed by Daniel Sheridan '05 opened November 30. This new and exciting children's show was rife with stunning visual images, and the design team was able to make the set and costumes as stunning and captivating as the music and dialogue in the show.

The main character, Dakota Jones, a precocious little girl with a passion for adventure and exploration, goes on a quest to find Atlantis with her wacky Uncle Hairbrain after learning about mythology and Atlantis from her teacher. During her adventures, Dakota makes new friends with the characters from the myths, whom she encounters. All the while, throughout her exploration her superintendent, a grouchy work-a-holic and his secretary follow her around trying to ruin her fun, but in the end, just might learn a thing or two about how to have fun.

Dakota Jones is magical because it is a story about adventure that can engage audiences of all ages. The songs are catchy and energetic which appeals to the younger audience members, but also refer to things that older audience members will understand.

The cast and crew worked tirelessly and rehearsed over Thanksgiving break to make this world debut as stunning as possible.

The children's shows are unique for the Theatre Department because they have to cater to grade school children, who will be sitting all over the theatre, even as high up as the balconies. This means that the actors need bigger actions, the props have to be bigger, and the set has got to be grander.

Our show ran November 30 through December 4 and played to over 5,500 people!

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