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Band Adds Pep to Bees Hoops

The St. Ambrose pep band debuted at Fighting Bees and Queen Bees home games Jan. 21.

January 2012

Ray Shovlain '79 said his St. Ambrose Fighting Bees played with a little more pep in a Midwest Collegiate Conference men's basketball victory over Iowa Wesleyan on Jan. 21.

He believes the brassy sounds of SAU's new pep band may have had a little something to do with that.

"I sort of do, to be honest," said the veteran Ambrose coach and athletic director. "I just think it brings more excitement, another facet to the game. I think it's just good to get more students involved in activities and I thought they did an outstanding job."

The 14-student pep band will play at men's and women's remaining home games this semester as part of the new ensemble class offering by the music department.

Department Chair William Campbell said the new band was created in partnership with Shovlain's athletics department. He said that if the combined effort works seamlessly, it could lead to something bigger down the road.

The pep band is being led by adjunct professor Brian Zeglis, who is the music department's percussion instructor, and who will accompany the pep band on the drums.

Although bands have played at Ambrose basketball games in the past, they never have done so for college credit, Campbell said.

"Hopefully, it just gets better and bigger," Shovlain said. "It really reflects well on the university and also creates excitement at the games."

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