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"Plagiarists" opened last month to hundreds

Stephanie Seward and Tony Stratton act out a scene from "The Plagiarists"

March 2012

"The Plagiarists," written by SAU student Aaron Randolph III '12 and directed by Dr. Cory Johnson, made its way to the main stage of the Galvin Fine Arts Center. The world premiere of Randolph's play opened February 24, 2012.

The storyline of the play focuses around a college student, Stacy (played by Stephanie Seward ‘13) who finds herself caught between her relationship with her boyfriend, Tony (Tony Stratton '12) and her passion for art. This passion for art becomes manifest in a crush on visiting art professor Ronald King (played by Randolph). The core question of the play revolves around issues of originality and intellectual property. 

This is the second of Randolph's plays that SAU has staged. Earlier this year SAU staged his "Dakota Jones and the Search for Atlantis." Randolph states, "Great plays often ask the audience questions instead of supplying all the answers." His hope is that "The Plagiarists" challenged and provoked the audience.

The cast was a small, well-knit group of actors: Stephanie Seward as Stacy; Tony Stratton as Tony, Stacy's boyfriend; Aaron Randolph III as Ronald King; Molly Conrad ‘13 as Student; Kyle DeFauw '15 as Male; Grace Allen '12 as Joby; Cody Johnson ‘13, as the photographer Cam Gable. Each actor and character brings a new perspective of what it means to plagiarize and to be plagiarized.

The show was a great success, attracting over 500 viewers over the three-show run of the production. In addition to a positive response from audience members, the exposure of his work has opened the doors to some exciting opportunities for Randolph. "It was an absolute joy, and I feel incredibly humbled."

The script will now go into rewrites and a staged reading of the new version will be occur in late April of this year. Randolph hopes that with this latest version his play might find additional audiences and theatres that want to produce his work.

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