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May 2012

New Triota Honor Society Members:
Katie O'Neil, Tasha Olson

The McDaniel Scholar Awards:

Ben Ulfers, Derek Dixon

Thomas F. Chouteau Art History Award:
Amanda Elliff

Agnes Renner Outstanding Senior History Major Awards:

Breanna Neubauer

Sister Annette Walters Award for Outstanding Psychology Student:
Adam Costas (Finalists: Mark Malkowski, Ainsley Wadle)

Sister Ritamary Bradley Award for Research on Women and Gender:
Kyle Hadenfeldt

Outstanding Political Science Student Award:

John Darmody

Frank & Jane Folwell Outstanding Political Science/Pre-Law Student Scholar Award:

Meena Brandt

Outstanding Student in Criminal Justice Award:

Matthew Lint

Outstanding Senior in Sociology Award:
Spring Briggs

College of Business Student Leadership Award:
Jordan Delp

Leo T. Kilfoy Award for Physical Education Major of the Year Award:
Abigail Parsons

Michael A. Orfitelli Award for Sport Management:
Kyle Dillenburg

Major of the Year for Exercise Science Award:
Megan Applegate

Major of the Year for Human Performance & Fitness Award:
Jason Geronzin

Graduating Student Athletes with the Highest GPA:
Kristen Syring, Jacob Peiper

GSGA Scholarship Recipients:
Kayla Flannery, Paige Nagle

Iota Omega Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society:
Kaitlyn Adamson, Kristine Andresen, Jessica Barr, Michelle Cassady, Shawn Dorman, Kelly Flynn, Allison Harkey, Erik Johnson, Abbi Lievens, Lesley Lohman, Ashley Robinson, Rachel Robinson, Jessica Rooks, Hannah West, Alyssa Stark, Nicole Schmidt, Kelli Raap, Nicole Porter, Alexandra Peterson, Lindsay Olson, Camille Mason, Mark Malkowski, Kimberly Litchfield, Erin Larson, Caitlin Jacob, Stacey Horvath, Jami Halverson, Lindsay Haddad, Kayelyn Geurink, Samantha Edwards, Bailey Burgart

Charles K. and Mary Ellen Wilber Awards for Student Writing in Non-Violence:
Emilie Minteer

Fr. William Dawson Award for Outstanding Philosophy Majors:
Courtney Averkamp

ACCEL Program Outstanding Adult Student Award:
Heather Himes

Iowa CPA Outstanding Accounting Student:
Samuel Payne

Book Arts Award:
Kelley Keimig

Graphic Design Award:
Stephanie Bral

Eleanor Page Fox Painting Award:
Steve Andresen

John Schmits Excellence Award in Art:
Lora Wegener, Emily Hignight

Stanley J. Kabat Leadership Award:
Sean Eston

Graduate Student of the Year Award:
Mollie McMeen

RA of the Year Award:
Joe Norris

Assistant Hall Director of the Year Award:
Clair Parker

Program of the Year Awards:
Emilee Steinbach, Pat Schmadeke, Kate Daniel

Resident of the Year Award:
Luke Staudt

Above and Beyond Award in Security:
Breanna Neubauer

Campus Ministry Faith Learning Justice Awards:
Mary Harmon, Danielle LaMantia, Mark Malkowski, Alison Mooney

Kilfoy Cup Awards:
Luke Staudt, Brittany Bersano

Derrek Drexler Employee of the Year Award:
Sean Jankowski, Lauren Papoccia

The Florence Nightingale Awards:
Lacey Janssen

Luther Christman Leadership Award:
Kelsey Hill Kropf

Writing Excellence Award:
Sarah Maggiore

Community Service Nursing Award:
Kelly Jo Tranel

Student Success Center Awards:
Courtney Averkamp, Shelby Wallace, Mary Lynch, Coethe Adams, Catherine Berger, Ryan Buchanan, Libby Ellerby, Ellen Fairfield, Mary Harmon, Brittni Jones, Mary Madormo, Katie O'Neil, Emily Rohan, Zoey Schmalz, Kristen Syring

Outstanding Theatre Major Award:
Morgan Griffin

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Faculty Member of the Year:
Phil Beckman (Finalists: Heather Medema-Johnson, Brad Thiessen, Barry Ferm, Fr. Bud Grant)

Staff Member of the Year:
Carol Shoemaker, (Finalists: Jason Richter, Erica Saviuk, Brittany Smith, Abby McLaughlin)


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