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ACCEL Newsletter: New renting option for textbooks

May 2012

The St. Ambrose University Bookstore will offer again textbook rental to students for summer, fall and spring classes.

The rental process will be managed online through a dedicated website. Students will begin the rental process by searching for their text online. Not every textbook for every class will be available, depending on whether the textbook distributor has that book in stock.

Payment will be accepted online using a credit or debit/check card. At this time, students may not rent books in-store at the SAU Bookstore.

Rental prices will be based on a percentage of the book's full price and the length of time the student wants the book. Five rental periods will be offered: 30, 45, 60, 90 and 125 days. This will help accommodate accelerated and traditional length class schedules. Rental periods begin upon delivery.

Rentals will be returned by dropping the package at the SAU Bookstore or a UPS drop box.

In order for students to get the best price and free shipping for their order, they will have to use the St. Ambrose textbook rental web site.

Contact SAU Bookstore Director Linda Macumber,  or 563/333-6336, for more information.

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