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Between the Earth and Sun


June 2012

Watch a video of the Transit of Venus here.

Some 100 curious onlookers came to the Rogalski Center on June 5 to witness an astronomical phenomenon that won't occur for another 105 years.

The visitors saw the Transit of Venus, an occurrence when Venus travels between the Earth and the sun, on the big screen in the Rogalski Ballroom via a live feed from a St. Ambrose University telescope.

Venus moves between the Earth and sun only twice every 100-plus years - always eight years apart. Because the transit last happened in 2004, it won't occur again until the year 2117.

"It is an extremely rare event," said Robert Mitchell, PhD, the observatory director.

The full transit took more than six hours. At sunset, viewers at the Rogalski Center saw a live feed from a NASA observatory in Hawaii.

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