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Who is SAU? Merredyth Beno McManus

Merredyth Beno McManus

July 2012

As Director of Student Retention at St. Ambrose, Merredyth McManus' primary goal is ensuring students have the help and tools they need to remain students in good standing.

"The first words out of my mouth are usually ‘you're not in trouble,'" she said. "When students feel stuck, I like to give them options."

In her 25th year at St. Ambrose, McManus said she likes "working in the trenches with students" and is ready to assist any St. Ambrose student struggling to succeed in college.

Merredyth Shares a Story

"I worked with a young man from western Iowa who left after a very rough first year. When he came back after some time off, we ‘cleaned him up.' He chose a major and really committed; got back on track. Now he's been accepted into law school! You just never know. And he sent me a card that said, ‘You believed in me when I didn't even believe in myself.'"

Merredyth Trivia

Started at St. Ambrose as an admissions counselor

Earned her master's in student development in post-secondary education

Reports that 80 percent of her Christmas cards come from former students and their families
Is a self-described sun-lover: "I'm all about the non-winter months."

Loves spending time with her children Chelsea and Mark

Unplugs by running, riding her bike and swimming

Enjoys her shelter dogs, Torrie and Viking

In Merredyth's Words

"Retention is everyone's responsibility."

"This is such an important time in our students' lives."

"It doesn't get boring-ever."

"I think St. Ambrose is different from any other school."

Jane Kettering


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