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Welcome Week gives 2012-13 big start

Cookout 2012

August 2012

Welcome Week 2012 began a week early with a grand opening for North Hall and when move-in day officially dawned on Aug. 19, a beautiful late summer day greeted incoming and returning St. Ambrose students and their parents. (View an SAUtv video).

Later that day, Ambrosians enjoyed the Kickoff Cookout outside the Rogalski Center as the sun set and parents and students readied to say their goodbyes. (View photo album.)

Faculty and staff gathered two days later outside the Rogalski Center ballroom to continue the stirring tradition of clapping the student body in to the convocation and blessing of the school year. (View photos.) (View SAUtv video.)

Petitions for prayer and the blessing of students, faculty and staff by the Most Rev. Martin Amos, bishop of the Diocese of Davenport, set the new school year in motion. The petitions and names of students, faculty and staff who shared them follow:

Student Government Association President Patrick Schmadeke: "For the students of St. Ambrose University: those new this year and those who are continuing their studies, that all may feel welcome and at home. And that all students will know the respect that allows them to discover their unique goodness and more readily offer their gifts for the good of our university, our community and our world, we pray to the Lord."

Graduate Student Government Representative Kayla LeFebvre: "We pray for all those in our masters and doctoral programs: As we work to achieve our academic and professional goals, may we recognize our important place within the St. Ambrose community. May we become a source for good within both the academic and professional communities. We pray to the Lord."

President of Faculty Assembly Kevin Farrell '84, PhD: "For the faculty of St. Ambrose University: That we may show true dedication to our students and serve as models of the quest for learning through our commitment to our fields of study and the Catholic Intellectual Tradition, we pray to the Lord."

Staff Assembly President Heather Stocking: "For all the staff members at St. Ambrose, that throughout this academic year we may find blessings in our work; and that our commitment will be a sign to all of the importance in our common mission as a university community, we pray to the Lord."

Administration Representative John Cooper: "We pray for all members of the administration and staff of St. Ambrose, that we may uphold a spirit of mutual cooperation and trust that enables all members of our university community to reach full potential. We pray to the Lord."

Athletic Teams Representative Dan Tomlin '05, MBA '07: "For all who participate in athletic endeavors this academic year, that we may always represent the values of our university both in and out of competition, may we strive to compete to the best of our abilities and, through teamwork and determination, give glory to God. We pray to the Lord."

The Arts & Communication Representative Stephanie Seward: "We pray for all involved in theater, music, art and written and electronic communications: May our expression of beauty and truth lead our university to a deepening appreciation of God, the master artist, and of the goodness of all creation. We pray to the Lord."

Campus Activities Board Representative Lindsay Gibney: "For the success of all activities that will bring us together this year; that by our sharing we would be enriched by one another's differences and grow in mutual respect and car, we pray to the Lord."

International Student Representative Ruth Morency: "We pray that our minds and hearts may be expanded to learn from each other. May all who come to St. Ambrose from other nations and other cultures be a reminder for our university community that there are no boundaries in God's kingdom and no limits to God's love. We pray to the Lord."

Campus Ministry Representative James Hinderks: "May this academic year be a time of growth in faith learning justice may the values so central to our mission at St. Ambrose be celebrated and allowed to grow in the hearts of all members of our university community. We pray to the Lord."

View the convocation address by John Byrne, PhD, professor of marketing.


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