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Study Abroad Spotlight: Kristina Pauley

September 2012

Name: Kristina Pauley

Hometown: Columbus, Neb.

Major: Exercise Science

What country or countries did you study abroad in? Oviedo, Spain

How long were you there? 5 weeks

Why did you choose to study in that location? It was a short term program over the summer so I thought it would be a good way to get abroad without being gone for so long.

What is your favorite memory? One night I taught my host mom how to make pancakes and pop popcorn off a cob. When the popcorn started popping, she freaked out and turned the microwave off and I freaked out and turned it back on and started yelling in English, "That's supposed to happen!" She really liked them both, though.

How did your experience abroad impact you as a person? Studying abroad taught me a lot about myself, another culture, and it also made me appreciate being an American a lot more. Being able to go to another country and speak a completely different language and be on your own for a month is the most gratifying experience I have ever had.

Do you have any advice to other students about studying abroad? If you get the chance, definitely go! It is honestly the best decision I have ever made (besides coming to Ambrose)!


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