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Celebrating the MOL

September 2012

The Masters of Organizational Leadership (MOL) program is celebrating 12 years of developing leaders for various businesses, including not-for-profits and government entities.  

Generally speaking, the MOL program attracts people who are being promoted or have been promoted into positions of authority because of some technical expertise, whether that is engineering, nursing, marketing, coaching, or a wide range of other professions. What MOL students have in common is a desire to be the best leader possible and a lack of training specific to leadership.  
One recent graduate of the MOL program is Amy Larson, who says that her management experience before the MOL program was focused almost entirely on getting results, to the exclusion of concerns for team process or interpersonal skills.  
Her MOL experience broadened her focus. She realized that leadership is an "interactive process between leaders and followers and parallels communication:  It is most successful when it goes both ways."

As an MOL graduate, Amy thinks she is not only better prepared for leadership in the workplace, she is a better person.  "The MOL program has expanded my understanding of teamwork, decision-making and conflict management. It has helped me to move beyond strategic planning to strategic thinking.  Not only has this program improved my work place leadership skills, it has strengthened my interpersonal communication and team-building skills as well", she says. 
Amy suggests that the MOL program has been "very inspiring to me on every level."  She expects that MOL alumni will have a powerful effect on the workplace as they bring a unique perspective and important set of people skills to businesses. She states that MOL graduates will set a leadership example in the workplace and in the community because they will become role models for effective leadership.  
She concludes, "Without doubt, the education I absorbed during this journey has benefited me personally and professionally and, as the ripples a stone creates in a pond, will benefit others exponentially in the future."   
The development of future leaders is what the MOL program is all about.  We expect that all of our MOL alumni will make a difference by demonstrating to the world what effective leadership is all about. 

For more information, regarding the MOL program, please visit the MOL website. 

–Dan Ebener, DBA

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