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New initiative with Chinese University

September 2012

St. Ambrose University is proud to announce a joint initiative with the Guangdong University in China. Students enter the program following their Junior year at Guangdong University and complete two years at St. Ambrose University, earning their undergraduate degree from Guangdong University and Master of Finance from St. Ambrose University.

The St. Ambrose University 3+2 Master of Finance is designed to allow the students to complete their undergraduate degree and earn a Master of Finance in two years, attending St. Ambrose following their junior year.

The program is specifically designed for students from Guangdong, reflecting the need of the students to integrate into the new learning environment while taking a curriculum designed to match the Candidate Body of Knowledge of the CFA institute, preparing the student for the CFA series of examinations.  (The CFA® stands for Chartered Financial Analysts® and is governed by the CFA Institute and both are registered trademarks of the CFA Institute and the CFA is the sole grantor of this designation. Taking this program does not guarantee acceptance into or passage of the CFA program. For more detail, please visit

The first year, the student will take primarily undergraduate courses in Finance, with specialized graduate level courses allowing the student to succeed at St. Ambrose University and in the master's level courses. 

Upon completion of the first year, students in good standing will earn their undergraduate degree from Guangdong University and will continue on in their master's study at St. Ambrose. In the second year, students primarily will take graduate courses in Finance, earning their Master of Finance after successfully completing course requirements and passing a comprehensive examination.

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