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Getting to Know: Kim Kurtenbach

October 2012

Every semester brings new teachers, students and changes to the department, and one of them this year is the addition of a new adjunct faculty member: Kim Kurtenbach, graduate of the class of 1996.

Kurtenbach has been involved in the theatre since she attended a performing arts high school. After graduation, she was accepted into the renowned Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music, and attended college there for two years. Following that, Kurtenbach returned home to Iowa for a short break, during which she filmed her first movie. She ended up staying in the area, and completed her bachelor's in mass communications at St. Ambrose in 1996.

At that time, the mass communications degree encompassed Radio, Television, Cinema and Theatre. After graduation, Kurtenbach pursued acting in Chicago and Los Angeles. During this time, she filmed her first, award-winning independent film, played several small roles in TV, did commercial work, produced three shows, and acted on stage. In short, she was immersed in all things performing arts.

In 2005, Kurtenbach moved back to Davenport, and many of you may be familiar with the theater company she started upon her return: The Curtainbox Theatre Company. The Curtainbox is a professional company that has put up about 10 shows since it's opening. In addition, it hosts classes, voice lessons and the popular autism therapy children's class.

Kurtenbach has also done a lot of commercial work in the area since being home. Kurtenbach was hired this year to teach Survey of Theatre at Ambrose, and she is very proud to be teaching here.

"This school was easily some of the best years of my life," she said, "so it's fun to be connected with the students and faculty again. I am loving it."

When asked if she had any advice for her students, Kurtenbach's response was simple: "Come to class!"

We at Ambrose are thrilled to have the talents and experience Kurtenbach brings to the table, and we welcome her back with open, loving arms!

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