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Recruiting high school students for SAU Theatre

November 2012

Although recruiting is primarily thought of as a tool for athletic teams, the St. Ambrose Theater Department has been using it to effectively collect talent for years now! Though the years have changed some of the methods SAU theater uses, the goal is always the same: to make important connections with potential students and make sure information about our department is known.

In the past, Ambrose has attended both the Iowa Thespian Festival and the Illinois Theater Festival to reach out to students. In addition, the Quad Cities high school productions are scouted to look for potential talent. This is the first year Ambrose will be attending high school productions outside of the Quad Cities; Dr. Corinne Johnson, PhD, will be attending two high school productions this upcoming weekend in Clinton, Iowa.

Some other changes to the recruitment process include an additional representative from the Admissions Department attending the high school festivals with the theatre department recruiters. One-on-one contact is still the best tool to inform students and get them interested as well as word of mouth from current students. Johnson says "one of the best things current students can do is contact their high school theater directors and ask for a name or two to represent the high school's departmental talent."

Some current students who were recruited include Junior Cami Sackett, who previously attended Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids. Recruiting isn't just limited to Iowa and Illinois; although the majority of the student population comes from the Midwest there are several students who come from a bit further away. California, Tennessee and even Puerto Rico are represented this year in the Ambrose Theater department!
Another important thing to note is that scholarship funds for the upcoming year have been increased! This means Ambrose will be able to provide a bit more in theater scholarships than in the past. New marketing materials-including an updated movie clip from past productions-are all in the works to take on the recruiting road.

We wish our recruiters luck, and encourage all students, faculty, alumni and friends to spread the good word about our outstanding department.

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