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Senior Spotlight: Cody Johnson

November 2012

Full name: Cody Edward Johnson

Hometown: Vinton, Iowa

Major: Theatre

What are your Previous Productions? Les Liaisons Dangereuses, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Dakota Jones and the Search for Atlantis, The Plagiarists, A New Brain, The Rivals, and Guys and Doll.

What has been your favorite role, and why? I've enjoyed all of them because they've taught me something about theatre. Each time I get to experience a new director's perspective and learn things from my peers. They are all so vital to my future. Having said that the most fun I've had was last year's children show "Dakota Jones and the Search for Atlantis", kids make it a blast!

What is your dream role as an actor? I hope to be able to get into any kind of film, although I would like to play a role that is emotionally taxing. This may come as a shock but I get into romantic comic leads. Recently I watched "The Vow" and I really enjoyed that kind of journey. Losing something and trying to gain it back.

Who inspires you? Any professor who takes the time to make me better, and Directors who I've work with and actors who've help me out as well. I'm inspired by people who have the knowledge and talent that I work with. The Theatre Department at St. Ambrose motivates me to better myself every time I step into their realm, and everyone on the staff in the theatre department could be teaching and performing in some cases, anywhere they chose. I'm extremely honored to have their guidance!

Who is your favorite actor/actress? Johnny Depp, and recently I've been drawn in by Tom Hardy, which is becoming a cliché fast!

What is your favorite play/musical and why? This is tough because there can't just be one! But I've enjoyed seeing Rent live by a traveling professional company, and the music is awesome. I've also started to gain interest in Harold Pinter.

What is your motivation? Life and moving forward, learning more and knowing that I get one chance to do this, so make the most of it. Learn from failure because I've endured a lot already and I'm trying to learn to recover from it, but I'm a slow learner.

What drew you to the Theater and when? I was doing a show in high school as a senior and I just thought it was awesome being able to play. The idea of being able to try new characters and tap into the motivations of someone else for a moment has always intrigued me. It's a nice duality.

What is you favorite memory of the Theater? The loving people, because they are there beside me going through it. Les Liaisons Dangereuses was such a tall order; especially for me who had never been close to the experience. I appreciate all the support I got from everyone, and the people who just embrace your friendship. I had great anxiety throughout the process and it was such an invaluable learning experience that wouldn't have been as successful without any one person who was involved.

Do you have any words of wisdom or advice for future Theater patrons? Work hard, don't waste anyone's time, and don't piss anyone off in the theatre department. Especially the doctors
If you could meet anyone right this moment who would it be? The pope... no but seriously it would have to be Martin Scorsese because I love his work and I'd love to know what it would take to be in his film or just to hear his insight.

What will you miss the most about the SAU Theater department? Meeting new faces, and the opportunity to laugh and have fun with everyone. Because that's what really takes the stress away. I can only recall one time that I left Galvin without a smile. Maybe two...the point is, there is a lot to be thankful for in that building.

What are your plans after graduation? To audition for everything I hear about, and get to California as soon as possible to see if I have any idea what I'm doing, or see if I can catch any break. If nothing else Ill resort to my music, and become a landscaper.

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