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Senior Spotlight: Rebecca Swanson

December 2012

Name: Rebecca Swanson

Hometown: Geneseo, Illinois

Major: English/Writing

Previous Productions? Stage Manager for "Almost, Maine," Assistant Stage Manager for "The Plagiarists," Assistant Stage Manager for "Touch", Spotlight Operator for "Charlie Brown," Assistant Stage Manager for "The Drowsy Chaperone," Assistant Stage Manager for "Frog and Toad."

What was your favorite role, and why? Stage managing has been my favorite part of the theater, clearly, since that is all I have done. I enjoy working behind the scenes but still being actively involved with the theater.

Who inspires you? The people who inspire me are characters not actual people: Lucas Scott and Carrie Bradshaw. These characters are both writers in the TV shows, and they both become well-established writers.

Who is your favorite actor/actress? Jennifer Garner: because she is able to play such diverse roles, and "Alias" was my favorite TV show growing up.

What is your favorite play/musical and why? Since I was a little girl my favorite movie has been "My Fair Lady," however I have not been able to see it on stage. Seeing this show on stage is on my bucket list.

What drew you to the Theater and when? I was a junior in high school when I first started getting involved in the theater. I had a bunch of friends who were theater junkies and they talked me into coming to auditions one night after school. I had no intention of auditioning but I went for support. The director gave an announcement before auditions started, stating that they were still in need of a stage manager. Needless to say by the end of auditions they had a stage manager!

What is your favorite memory of the Theater? Every production week. Most people say that it is the most stressful week and that they hate it, not me. While it can be slightly stressful, it is the most rewarding week. Everything we have been working towards is finally there! And the Galvins are always mildly entertaining!

Any words of wisdom or advice for future Theater patrons? Get involved ASAP and as often as possible. And simply remember to just have fun, whenever things are getting to "that point" and they always do, remember why you are a part of the theater and keep having fun!

If you could meet anyone right this moment who would it be? Sarah Jessica Parker, Shane Claiborne, and Nora Roberts

What will you miss the most about the SAU Theater department? I will miss everyone who I have had the privilege to work with over the past four years and the midnight rehearsals.

What are your plans after graduation? I have just recently been accepted to graduate school. Come February 11 I will be starting classes at Asbury Theological Seminary to become an ordained minister in the state of Illinois.

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