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Positive responses received on student survey

December 2012

A recent ACCEL student satisfaction survey revealed an overwhelmingly positive response from our students. Common threads in the comments were: program flexibility; convenience of evening and weekend classes; and support from faculty and staff. The purpose of this survey, however, was not only to see what we were doing right, but also to find some areas that may need improvement.

Going back to school is a difficult decision for many of our students. There are personal and financial considerations to be made, and it is often scary to take that first step. Finding an adult-centered, accelerated program from a university so highly recognized and respected within the community is important, and hopefully something that helped make your decision to attend St. Ambrose a little easier.

The value of an education cannot always be judged by a dollar amount alone. Our tuition is comparable to other similar programs, and we are proud to go above and beyond to offer our students personalized academic advising, career advising through our campus Career Center and tutoring from our Student Success Center, just to name a few.

We understand our students, as working adults, have put in a full day's work before they even get to class, and sometimes the thought of sitting in a classroom for an additional four hours may be the last thing you want to do. In an effort to reduce or eliminate "seat time" in the classroom, we are working to expand our hybrid and online course offerings. The hybrid class format is becoming increasingly popular because it allows students the flexibility of online classes, with the ability to interact with students and instructors in the classroom setting.

As we continue to adapt our courses to the needs of our students, it's important to also remember the Core Mission Values and Guiding Principles that make St. Ambrose unique. Catholicity, Integrity, Liberal Arts, Lifelong Learning and Diversity are at the core of everything we do. It's often easy to lose sight of these in our day-to-day lives, which is why we strive to incorporate these concepts into both our general education and major courses. If you find yourself wondering why it's necessary to take a particular class, we encourage you to take some time to reflect not only on how you could use the information in a work environment, but also how this course will help you broaden your awareness of humanity and all its dimensions.

Juggling work, family time and school can be a challenge, and knowing what to expect out of a class ahead of time can make you feel a little more in control. Our course modules are available on Blackboard two to three weeks prior to the start of a course, giving students ample time to prepare for the start of class. To further help students, we also provide modules for every class we've offered at ACCEL to give you a glimpse of future course expectations.

Our goal at ACCEL is to facilitate your education and make you feel supported as you work through this exciting time in your life. Whether you need an early morning or evening appointment with your advisor, or perhaps some assistance from the Career Center, we are here to help you reach your goals.


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