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A Departing Senior Says Thank You

coethe adams
Coethe Adams

December 2012 | by Coethe Adams '12

I think I'm supposed to offer some profound life lesson here since I'm graduating. But most of you don't know me, so who am I to tell you how to live your life? If you wanted my advice, I'm sure you'd ask for it. The decisions and methods I use in my life wouldn't work for you, and I don't really want people running around with the same mindset as me.

So I decided to take this opportunity to thank the people who helped me get to this point. The problem with dropping names is that someone always gets left out. Anyone I forget, I apologize ahead of time.

I want to thank the St. Ambrose community as a whole for everything it has given me the past four and a half years. I hardly got to know any of you, and barely gave anyone the chance you deserved. And in hindsight I really should have. But for those of you who did get to know me a bit, I'd like to acknowledge you here.

First and foremost, Alyssa Dresen and Joe Morrissey: You guys are awesome. Thanks for being my friends. I sincerely wish you two nothing but the best.
I'd also like to thank Marie Adams, Jennifer Arnold, Keaton Connell, Ethan Gordon, Shanley McGlaughlin, Egon Menker, Mary Schechinger, Pat Schmadeke and Sam Peterlin for always being there to talk to. Eric Clapp, Liz Doyle and Kyle Scalise, I'd never been in class of only four people, but it's been a lot better than it sounds.

The Buzz: Mary, Tim and Tom: I had a blast working with and getting to know you guys. Our trip to Chicago was the first time in a long time I felt like I was a part of something.

All the staff writers: thanks for the hard work you put into your stories, The Buzz is nothing without your help. Thanks to anyone who gave me an interview or answered POS, and anyone who picked up our papers and read them. You were all greatly appreciated.

Andrew Gates: Your experience, approach and knowledge taught me a lot. Thanks for letting me work with you and be a part of that.

Sara Clifton: You are amazing! I have a tremendous amount of respect for you. You do a fantastic, remarkable job at everything. You don't give yourself enough credit, and you really should. It's incredible how you balance so much, so well. You're going to kick butt in whatever you do. You're awesome, thank you so much for everything and for trusting me to work so closely alongside you.

Faculty and staff: You have all been great, thank you. Housekeepers, cafeteria workers and everyone else who may go unnoticed here, thanks. Special thanks to Ethan Gannaway and John Byrne. Also thanks to Calvin Cooper, James O'Gorman, Owen Rogal, Rich Blomgren, and Jeff Girsch. Special thanks to Erin Girsch as well.  Erin, you're the reason I came here.

Former professor Sarah Gardner and classmate Katy Ewert:  thank you for helping me fully realize and embrace my abilities in writing.

SSC staff/associates Brandi, Dianne, Ann Austin, Deb, Maureen, Michael, Jill and Megan: thanks for the opportunity to be a tutor. I never realized how much I enjoy helping people. Thank you to anyone who came in and let me help with your papers, especially Hassan Alhethail and Aziz Alhussain. It's rewarding knowing I helped someone learn, even if it's only to not say "til."

Communication department, John Madsen and Ann Preston: you have both taught me so much, I can't thank you enough. Also special thanks to Dave Baker.
Jim Baumann. You've been a great friend. Thanks for everything you did. Oh, don't ever forget my cross examination.

Alan Sivell: You are the single greatest influence I had here. Thanks for everything you taught and showed me, for all the opportunities you gave me, being harder on me, choosing me to be an editor of this paper and represent you, and all the improvements you helped me make in journalism, writing and as a person.

And finally, mom: I love you. Thank you for all the rides, food, money, love, care, affection, encouragement, advice, hope, inspiration, joy and everything else that you've given me. Thank you for putting up with me. I don't know how you handle it. I can be stubborn, irritable, petty, argumentative, opinionated, selfish, angry, cynical, bitter, and arrogant, but you've never lost an ounce of faith or belief in me. That means so much. There isn't enough room here to express how much you mean to me and there isn't a need to explain to everyone what all we've gone through as a family of two, but we made it. Thanks so much.

I never expected some of the changes I'd had in my life since I started here in August 2008, but everything happens for a reason. If I had any sort of advice, it's that time is irreplaceable and fleeting. Make the most of what little you're lucky enough to get. I spent four years trying to rush out of here, now I wish I had more than only a month to stay.

Good luck, SAU. It has been fun.

About this student journalist: From Rock Island, Ill., Coethe Adams is a fifth-year senior at SAU majoring in public relations and strategic communication. Aside from being the senior reporter for The Buzz, Coethe was also a writing and English tutor and worked in the campus game room. Coethe would one day like to be a company spokesperson or work for the NFL in any capacity.


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