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Study Abroad Spotlight: Meet Jessica Sherman

June 2013

Name: Jessica Sherman
Hometown: East Dubuque, Ill.
Major: Psychology, Pre OT
Minor: Biology
What country did you study abroad in? Greece
How long were you there? 3 weeks
Why did you choose to study in this location? I have always wanted to go to Greece and see all the ancient artifacts and the beauty of their country.
What is your favorite memory? I really enjoyed the Acropolis. It was definitely a sight to see looking over all of Athens. Standing next to the ancient buildings really gives you a sense of how gigantic they really are. I also really enjoyed the food and shopping.
How did your experience abroad impact you as a person? It taught me how to think independently and led me to different conclusions about questions in life. Our cultures are a lot more similar than we all think, from religion to everyday living.
What advice would you give to other students thinking about studying abroad? Don't be afraid to try new things. Take everything in as much as you can because you will remember this experience for the rest of your life.




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