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KCACTF plays Matchmaker

Anthony Stewart proposes to Sidney Junk '14 at the KCACTF in Lincoln, Neb.

February 2013

A romance began in Ames, Iowa last year at the 44th annual Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival (KC/ACTF) hosted by Iowa State University. Through their involvement with the Stage Crew Showdown, SAU junior Sidney Junk and senior Anthony Stewart of Winona State University nicknamed each other before they had even met. After the first night of competition, Junk was talking to her friends about "lip ring guy," and Stewart pointed out "orange shorts" to his friends.

The two aptly nicknamed techies ended up hanging out the whole week. The festival ended for them in a romantic dinner for two on the last day during which Stewart asked Junk if she would like to try a long distance relationship. Junk replied with a peppy, "Sure!"

One year later, the two still happily together, found themselves competing yet again in the Stage Crew Showdown in January, this time at KC/ACTF Festival at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. Before the festival, both Lip Ring Guy and Orange Shorts had talked to their parents, saying they wanted to be with each other for life, but had not directly discussed it themselves. Stewart was unsure how exactly to "pop the question," and finally could not take it any longer: he got down on one knee and told Junk, "I want you to be my wife."

They did not have a ring yet and so no one could know. So, despite desperate desires to share the information, Junk had to keep it to herself. The two visited a jewelry store right there in Lincoln to get her finger sized and found themselves leaving with the perfect ring. Stewart proposed officially on the night of Friday, January 25, after the majority of the festival's awards were given, on the sidewalk outside the hotel. Stewart got down on one knee, looked Junk in the eyes and said, "There's one more award that hasn't been given yet tonight."

The two do not have a date set for the wedding but will be waiting until after Junk's graduation in 2014. Congratulations to the two techies on deciding to "tie the knot" and let KCACTF be a place where dreams come true!

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