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Alum visits seminar class

andrew Harvey
Andrew Harvey '07

March 2013

St. Ambrose University received a welcome visit Feb. 3 from alumnus Andrew Harvey '07 when he presented his graduate project, a show titled The Atheist by Ronan Noone, to the Junior Seminar class.

The Atheist is a one man show-requiring minimal props, set, lighting, and sound. The main—and only—character, Augustine Early, is played by Edward O'Ryan (Andrew Harvey's stage name) and shares with the audience his experiences of moving up in the world of journalism.

The most difficult part for Harvey in picking up the show (after being away from it for seven months) for his return to St. Ambrose was revitalizing it. "I looked for ways to make it a new production," he said.

Harvey said he was delighted to have the chance to return to his alma mater, stressing that he enjoyed being able to talk to the class.

"I was glad to share what I've learned at Ambrose and in grad school," said Harvey. "I want to show what you can do with your own initiative, and the importance of creating your own work when there isn't any being offered to you."

What's Harvey's next step? He has several plans in the making. In addition to returning to his new home in Los Angeles and auditioning, he will be searching out additional venues in which to perform The Atheist again. He will also be polishing the screenplay he very recently finished writing. All of these things coincide with the piece of advice left to us by Mr. Edward O'Ryan: "Don't get complacent in whatever you do. You can always be doing more things to challenge yourself."

Congratulations to Andrew Harvey/Edward O'Ryan on a wonderful performance, and we cannot wait to have you back!

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