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April 2013

I hope this newsletter finds you well. Each time I pull together material for our newsletter, it reminds me that I have been given a special opportunity to be a part of the St. Ambrose University Physical Therapy Department. I would like to say that when I create the newsletter, I have established a theme with major and minor points I want to make. However this is pretty far from the truth.

With that being said, as I reviewed the near-final version of the newsletter, I saw two big examples of what makes our department so special: the students and our faculty/staff. It is amazing to watch the transformation of our professional program students from the first day of class to their graduation weekend. They embrace the learning process, support each other in their education, seek out leadership opportunities, develop professional goals for themselves, and go onto fulfill many of those goals.

Then, it is such a joy to catch up with them years later, whether it is for a class reunion, a guest lecture in one of our classes, their attendance at a continuing education event, or just running into them in the community. I get to see not only the therapist they have become, but also the person they have grown into. Knowing that our faculty and staff played a role in this process is truly rewarding. 

My colleagues are making significant contributions to our profession beyond what they are doing for our professional program students, and some are receiving national recognition for their work.  For example, last year John Barr was named a Catherine Worthingham Fellow, and this year Sandy Cassady received the Linda Crane Lecture Award. Kevin Farrell and Mark Levsen are providing clinicians the opportunity to advance their orthopaedic and manual skills through a well thought out course series. These are just a few examples of the great work of our faculty and the impact they are making beyond the classroom. 

I encourage you to take the time to read each of our stories so you can see just a few of the major happenings in the PT Department. And if you are one of the 1 billion people on Facebook, be sure to "like" us so you can receive more frequent updates on the Department.

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