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Bee Positive Day

April 2013

the sunLife can be challenging, and all of us are faced each day with difficult situations and challenging relationships. But what would happen if we chose to be positive?

On Wednesday, April 24, Staff Assembly invites the campus community to do just that.

The second annual "Bee Positive Day" is a celebration of the positivity evidenced by St. Ambrose students, faculty and staff throughout the academic year.

"It's not just a day of 'no complaints,' said staff member Calvin Cooper, who initiated the first day of positivity. "This is a conscious effort to be positive, to give off that positive vibe. It's really always a good day."

Watch a video of staff members dancing to Peanut Butter and Jelly in the Cosgrove Cafeteria. What a way to celebrate Bee Positive Day!

What can you do?

  • Engage in "random acts of kindness" throughout the day.
  • Enjoy wonderful "positivity" websites, resources and favorite quotes—shared by faculty and staff!
  • Wear your "Bee Positive" T-shirt, available for purchase at the campus post office or the HR office for $5. (Proceeds to benefit the sexual assault treatment and prevention programs at Family Resources.)
  • Join us for a 4 p.m. concert featuring the alumni band Busted Chandeliers (on the quad).

So, what is "positivity"?
Constructive in intention or attitude; the presence rather than the absence

  • Creating/contributing to an uplifting environment
  • Being slow to judge others
  • Performing acts of loving kindness, even small ones.
  • Examining the way we think about ourselves, others, our lives.
  • Listening "care-fully" to others. The message: I may not be able to solve your problem but I can give you my time.
  • The attitude: I'm not going to let you get me down!


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