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May 2013

Triota Honor Society & Women's History Essay Contest Recipients:
Cat Roth, Natalie Roth, Mikka Mills

Triota Leadership Award
Jessica Pera

The McDaniel Scholar Awards:

Derek Dixon and Emily Mosher

Thomas F. Chouteau Art History Award:
Joseph Montez

Agnes Renner Outstanding Senior History Major Awards:

Joseph Montez

Sister Annette Walters Award for Outstanding Psychology Student:
Mary Lynch (Finalists: Marie Adams, Mary Lynch, Linda Keitel, Mallory Cross)

Outstanding Political Science Student Award:

Jordon Williams

Outstanding Students in Pre-law:
Devon Ruiz, Mary Jo Baddoff

Outstanding Student in International Studies:
Elizabeth Adolphi

Outstanding Student in Criminal Justice Award:

Grant Miller

Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Criminal Justice:
Chase Schwigen

College of Business Student Leadership Award:
Sara Clifton

The College of Business ACBSP Student Leadership Award:
Mary Schechinger

The Buzz Editor Outstanding Service Award:
Sara Clifton, Mary Madormo, Mary Schechinger, Tim McNicholas, Tom Prior, Brittany Krenzelak, Kelly Steiner

Leo T. Kilfoy Award for Physical Education Major of the Year Award:
Alexander Berg

Michael A. Orfitelli Award for Sport Management:
Daniel Dierking

Major of the Year for Exercise Science Award:
Mark Brauweiler

Major of the Year for Human Performance & Fitness Award:
Rachel Luehrs

Graduating Student Athletes with the Highest GPA:
Matthew Kraciun, Michelle Gogel

GSGA Scholarship Recipients:
Laura Davis (Doctor of Physical Therapy); Bridget Kramer (Master of Business Administration); Rachel Pins (Master of Occupational Therapy); Diron Buglio (Master of Education in Education Administration)

Iota Omega Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society:
Staci Caputo, Cara Carter, Kathleen Dankbar, Erin Heggemann, Ethan Johnson, Katelyn McDonald, Rachel Pasker, Rachel Robinson, Matthew Runge, Courtney Camp, Sarah Chaney, April DeVore, Michael Grannen, Gillian Hobin, Jane Schiffler, Sarah Serkowski, Colette Welch, Andrea Wilson, Jeremy Hoppe, Ryan Singleton, Mary Whitmer

Charles K. and Mary Ellen Wilber Awards for Student Writing in Non-Violence:
Courtney Averkamp

Fr. William Dawson Award for Outstanding Philosophy Majors:
Colleen Grafton

Graphic Design Award:
Erik Lum

Eleanor Page Fox Painting Award:
Lee White

John Schmits Excellence Award in Art:
Lakin Sheeder

Stanley J. Kabat Leadership Award:
Andrew Sibenaller

Graduate Student of the Year Award:
Sue Sawvel

RA of the Year Award:
Emilee Steinbach

Assistant Hall Director of the Year Award:
Jordan Light

Program of the Year Awards:
Black Light Party (The Cosgrove Team)

Resident of the Year Award:
Troy Griffin

Above and Beyond Award in Security:
Elizabeth Doyle

Speical Commendation for Performance in Security:
Danielle Puls

Campus Ministry Faith Learning Justice Awards:
Ryan Buchanan, Daniel Conlin, Cady Windish

Kilfoy Cup Awards:
Dan Merrick and Alyssa Klene

Derrek Drexler Employee of the Year Award:
Tyler Hovious and Katie Schmidtke

The Florence Nightingale Awards:
Katie Carlson

Luther Christman Leadership Award:
Heather Hill

Writing Excellence Award:
Emily Robinson

Community Service Nursing Award:
Sarah Ferguson

Dolores Hilden Visionary Award:
Emily Genco

Student Success Center Awards:
Mary Lynch, Libby Ellerby, Brittni Jones, Mary Madormo, Katie O'Neil, Emily Rohan, Zoey Schmalz, Tim Byrnes, Mariah Balinski, Cara Carter, Maria DeSio, Jessica Everingham, Amanda McClure, Celeste Raya, Grace Rehnstrom, Meghan Rettenmeier, Cami Sackett, Shelby Shepherd, Kate Stein, Chris Stola, Jenn Supergan, Holly Thomas, Holly Wolfe

Outstanding Theatre Major Award:
Valerie Zawada

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Faculty Member of the Year:

Heather Medema-Johnson

Graduate Faculty Member of the Year:
Katherine Lampe

Staff Member of the Year:
Matt Hansen

Ambrosian Spirit Award:
Ed Finn

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