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Up Next in the Studio Theatre: 'Oleanna'

david mamet Oleanna whatever side you take, you're wrong

May 2013

Junior Jacob Hanenberger is set to direct David Mamet's Oleanna in the studio theatre over the summer. The play will debut this fall and run September 5-7.

Oleanna is a battle between a college professor and student accusations of sexual harassment, attempted rape and battery. Carol, a student, comes to John, her professor, for help with his course. After she accuses John of coming on to her, he is in danger of being denied tenure. As John denies and attempts to get the sexual harassment charge dropped, Carol escalates the situation by adding the charge of attempted rape. As John loses everything he has worked for, it is revealed that Carol may have had ulterior motives. The play ends with an explosive finish leaving the audience debating who was right, or if anyone was.

Hanenberger is happy to announce that junior Stacy Phipps and freshman Jordan McGinnis are playing Carol and John respectively. Phipps is also costume designing, with Freshman Zachary Meyer scenic designing, sophomore Meghan McLaughlin stage managing, and junior Celissia Poppe is in charge of props. Hanenberger is waiting to announce his sound and light designer.

"Auditions went great. We had many talented actors and actresses show up," Hanenberger said. And of his rehearsal process, "We will be having a read-through this week preparing what we will work on over the summer while gearing up for the real rehearsals to start in August."

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