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Senior Spotlight: Kristin Jett

May 2013

Hometown: Roselle, Ill.

Major: Theatre/Forensic Psychology with a concentration in corrections

Previous SAU Productions? Best Little Whorehouse in Texas; You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown; Lady Windermere's Fan; A New Brain; Dakota Jones and the Search for Atlantis; The Plagiarists; A Midsummer Night's Dream; Les Liaisons Dangereuses; Alice in Wonderland: A New Adventure; No Exit; Columbinus; Chicago.

What was your favorite role, and why? I would have to say director or stage manager. I enjoyed directing because I really like doing all of the work beforehand to see a fully realized concept and idea come full circle. It was a lot of work, but man did it pay off in the end. It was also really nice to help guide young actors. They were so willing to work, and for that I am grateful. I also liked stage managing because it has taught me skills I don't believe I would have learned as well elsewhere. In getting to work with a plethora of different directors, I learned how to effectively communicate with a whole range of people. I also got to use my slight obsession for organization to enhance my stage management.

What is your favorite play/musical and why? I think I would have to go with Sideshow. I just love the sad heartbreaking tale of two conjoined sisters who just want to find love in the messed up world they live in. Altar Boys would have to be a close second because, well, I grew up loving boy bands and I have to admit, it's just the roll-on-the-floor laughing kind of funny.

Why Ambrose? I remember the college decision process so clearly. I didn't really want to go to college, but I was applying. I went to a theatre festival and met Michael Kennedy. He convinced me to come visit and offered me a scholarship. I came to Ambrose on a dull, rainy day and met with admissions and the psychology department and spoke to Dr. Andrew Kaiser, who told me about Forensic Psychology and I thought okay cool. Then we went to the theatre. The colossal set for Sweeney Todd was sitting there... Still being painted by like 20 hard working theatre students. When I came in they all dropped what they were doing and talked to me. Terrified they wouldn't be done for the house opening in 6 hours, I offered to help them out but Kris Eitrheim told me not to worry, and that it would come together. Through talking with him and Cory Johnson I got a sense this was where I belonged. Then as I was leaving the theatre, the sun came out and the campus was beautiful. That was it. That was Ambrose.

What drew you to the Theatre and when? Well, my family likes to recount me and my friends putting on plays and me directing them, but I don't remember. I have loved theater as long as I can remember. I was in dance very young, but I always wanted to be on the stage and doing plays. I did my first play in Junior High school and knew it would be something I wanted to do forever. I haven't stopped since.

What is your favorite memory of the Theater? Directing No Exit. I had wonderful people working with me and I will never forget the good friendships and memories we made.

Any words of wisdom or advice for future Theatre students? Try everything. Ambrose has so much to offer, and you're paying the tuition whether you do one show or all of them. You never know what you're going to like or learn. If you figure out one thing doesn't suit you, try another. I believe strongly in being a well-rounded person. Also, picnic in Vander Veer and study there with your friends. That is one of my favorite Ambrosian memories.

What will you miss the most about the SAU Theatre department? The faculty. Hands down. I have my own little family here and I have loved every minute of being so close to all of my professors. There are great people here, and I look forward to working with them time and time again.

What are your plans after graduation? Not sure. Normally that would freak me out, but I know that things will find a way of working out. I have some things I need to take care of back home and then I am going on vacation. I am planning on applying for various theatre jobs and law enforcement jobs soon after graduation.

Where do you hope to be in 5 years? Doing a job that I love, surrounded by friends and family. Oh yeah, and married ;-)

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