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Graduate Professor of the Year

June 2013

Graduate Professor of the Year Katherine "Kathie" Lampe has been teaching in the Physical Therapy department since 1994 and was named Advisory Professor of the Year in 2002.

"Kathie gives 100 percent of herself to others," said one student. "I am a shy person who normally does not open up easily to people, but I will find myself deep in conversation with Kathie about the most personal matters; she has that ability to put people at ease." "Kathie treats us as colleagues, as intelligent and capable students," said another student. "She challenges us to look beyond providing just physical health care, and to pay careful attention to our patients as human beings in order to truly better their lives."

Lampe is a Certified Wound Specialist and a Fellow in the American College of Certified Wound Specialists. In addition to teaching, she continues in part-time clinical practice at Mercy Hospital, Dubuque, Iowa. Lampe holds a master's degree in physical therapy from the University of Iowa, Iowa City, and a doctorate in physical therapy from St. Ambrose.

"I was very surprised and honored to receive this award," said Lampe. "I try to live the SAU mission every day ... enabling our students to develop to their full potential so they will enrich their own lives and the lives of others. We have amazing students, staff and faculty in our DPT program and I am very blessed to be a part of the SAU community."

The Full Scoop:
What other comments were made by nominating students?
Despite the difficult year Kathie's had dealing with family health issues, she has managed to remain so committed to us at school. She ... goes above and beyond to make sure we are progressing in our education. Kathie is truly a role model and has made such an impact in our department.

Kathie Lampe has been one of the most awesome professors the physical therapy department/program could ask for. She is dedicated to student learning by continually telling us about the latest research. Kathy also has an open door to talk to students, whether about the most recent test or personal life issue. Kathy not only spends time teaching her students the most current research and information on modalities and wounds, but she is a dedicated mother, wife and daughter.

Kathie has shown true dedication to her students over the years and particularly this semester. Even though facing extremely difficult circumstances at home she has continued to give a large part of her time to helping her students. She has not only been an excellent professor and role model, but also supported us as if we were her own children.

I believe Kathie Lampe is an outstanding candidate for Professor of the Year. She has had a lot of ups and downs this year (her father passed away this past month). Yet, she always remains here for students. She is open and honest in communication and shares her experiences with us. It makes us cherish this time with her and allows us to connect with her. My best friend was diagnosed with stage 3 brain cancer within the first weeks of my starting in the physical therapy program, which was overwhelming to say the least ... Without Kathie's support, I would not have made it through. She has made me a better person.

Kathie Lampe is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. She has become so much more than just a good teacher for me. Kathie is someone I can talk to and visit every day, and I am always learning something from her whether it be academic or a life lesson. This year especially, with many different situations in Kathie's life and with the large amount of time I spent with her, Kathie deserves the award of graduate professor of the year.

Kathie is the jack of all trades. She is a busy mom that doesn't miss a game or event for any of her kids. She still practices physical therapy, keeping up with her skills and most recent research in the clinic. As a professor she puts us, the students, first, as if we are her own kids. This year Kathie struggled with progressively sick family members that put a large emotional, physical and psychological stress on her but you would never know that, because she was still the same amazing professor that she always is.

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