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August 2013

In our last newsletter, I wrote about "change" and how the MEDT program was moving forward, changing. As I reflect on the last year and look forward to the coming year (as all good NBCTs must do), the word "renew" came to my mind. The dictionary had 4 different definitions, which all seemed to fit with my thoughts and feelings:

To begin or take up again: This is what teachers do each year, each semester. We are fortunate to be in a profession which gives us this chance, to start new and refreshed after each short break.

To make effective for an additional period: Teachers have a chance to reflect on our past practice and become more effective in the coming year, learning from experience. We can apply our learning, keeping what works and trying something different with what was not as successful.

To restore or replenish: Teachers restore not only ourselves, but also our students. We can replenish our energy with our time off by studying, reading, and just relaxing. Everyone needs R & R! But we can also restore our students, letting them see that each semester is a new beginning.

To revive, reestablish: As our new school year begins, let's revive our enthusiasm and love for the profession that we chose, reestablish our purpose and resolve to be better each year. If we show this in our classrooms, our students will notice and hopefully emulate our attitudes.

So as another school year quickly approaches, remember how lucky we are to be in a profession that affects our students, communities, states, country, and even the world, that we are able to enrich our own lives and the lives of others. We have to return to our classrooms with that sense of renewal that the end of the summer brings to all of us. Have a great year!

–Maggie Woods, NBCT

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