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The first student production: Mamet's 'Oleanna'


September 2013

Who is right? Who is wrong? These were the questions the audience asked themselves throughout Oleanna, an intense play written by David Mamet.

The show was in the studio theatre on September 5-7 and was directed by senior Jacob Hanenberger.

There were two characters in the play: John, the professor, and Carol, one of his students. John was played by sophomore Jordan McGinnis and Carol was portrayed by sophomore Stacy Phipps. The actors were given their scripts to study over summer break, and they returned a week before school started to begin rehearsal–up to two per day!

Oleanna is a play in three acts and contains an exciting power-struggle between the two characters. Carol is just a student who is frustrated with the course material and John is a teacher seeking tenure. But soon John's chance at tenure is ruined when Carol accuses him of sexual exploitation.

It was the audience that interpreted who was innocent and who was guilty. Which side would you have chosen?

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