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2013 Department Picnic

callboard members

L-R Sam Jones, Zach Meyer, Meghan McLaughlin, Stacy Phipps

September 2013

As always the St. Ambrose University Theatre Department hosted its annual Theatre picnic to kick off the new school year. The event took place on Wednesday night, Aug. 21. It is always a great way to meet new students and reunite with old friends.

There were many students and faculty members that attended the event–about 60 people in attendance and a lot of them were fresh faces to the department.

Recently retired music director, Dr. Keith Haan, made an appearance while the event was in full swing. His former students were ecstatic at his arrival and very glad they were able to catch up with him. New faculty member Matt Elliot was introduced to the Theatre Department at the picnic as well.

Everyone gathered on the main stage of Allaert Auditorium to enjoy pizza, brownies, and rice krispie treats. Upcoming shows as well as other acting opportunities were announced. The students seemed very excited about getting involved and are looking forward to what the year has to offer, including a trip to London to study theatre.

During the event, the new theatre student representatives were chosen. This year's callboard includes: senior Stacy Phipps ‘14; junior Meghan McLaughlin ‘15; sophomore Zachary Meyer ‘16; and freshman Sam Jones ‘17.

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