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Fresh Face Revue

October 2013

There is a lot of fresh talent on campus.

St. Ambrose University's Theatre department welcomes around 15 first year students into the theatre department this fall. Many of them will be performing in what has now become a departmental tradition, Fresh Faces, a showcase that allows incoming students to perform and work on the Galvin mainstay. This year's Fresh Faces will be held on Thursday night, October 10, at 7:30pm. Admission is free.

"I can't wait," first-year student Max Moline said. "It's been a great chance to meet new people and a wonderful way to get introduced to new material."

The following fresh faces are involved:

Allison Adams
Madison Auge
Jolene Bergthold
Caitlin Cronin
Nikki Devens
Kelci Eaton
Chris Galván
Jackson Green
Sam Jones
Max Moline
Rachael Pribulsky
Nick Pearce
Liz Phillips
Allie Stecklein
Alex Weber

There are 14 freshmen involved, as well as one transfer student.

"I think this showcase is a great way to welcome theatre students who are eager to participate right away," said junior Chris Galván, a transfer from St. Xavier University in Chicago.

Everybody is involved in one act. There are four comedic scenes, a song, and a magic act.

"I'm so excited," said first-year student Jackson Green. "I get to act and do magic–my two favorite things."

The actors are not the only ones enjoying the process. Director Molly Conrad, senior, said she has relished in this opportunity to work with various actors and get to know the freshman class.

"They are committed, energetic, and straight-up talented!" she said.

Don't just take her word for it - come and see for yourself! The Fresh Face Revue is Oct. 10 at 7:30 p.m. in Allaert Auditorium, Galvin Fine Arts Center. The show is free, under an hour, and there will be refreshments afterward giving everybody the chance to really get to know these fresh faces.

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