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Senior Spotlight: Austin Eiben

October 2013

Hometown: Monticello, IA

Major: Theatre with a minor in TV/Radio Production

Previous SAU Productions: Chicago, Les Liaisons Dangereuses, A New Brain, Dark Play, or Stories for Boys

What was your favorite role, and why? My favorite role here at Ambrose would have to have been Male Netizen in Dark Play, or Stories for Boys. Not only was working with the cast and crew of that show a blast, but I loved getting to play the wide variety of characters in that play, from a red-blooded American to a 17-year-old Japanese Catholic school girl.

What is your favorite play/musical and why? Without a doubt my favorite musical is The Producers. There's just something about it "pushing the edge" and its dry humor that I love!

What drew you to the Theatre and when? I was drawn into theatre in one of my 8th grade classes. We had to put on a play as part of the class and when we started that process, I loved getting to become someone else. When we finally got to perform it, I knew that I wanted to entertain people and make them smile.

What will you miss the most about the SAU Theatre department? What I'll miss most about the Ambrose theatre department will be having Kris, Cory, and Dan around to not only help me scale certain obstacles, but also to push me to do things in theatre that I didn't know I had the ability to do.

What are your plans after graduation? After graduation, I have the ambitious goal to be actively involved in theatre either around the Quad Cities or Chicago area. I'm hoping to save enough money to be able travel to Europe and attempt to get into film and TV over there.

Who inspires you? There isn't specifically one person. I've always wanted to help and entertain people, so my real inspiration comes from those who are down on their luck, not as well off as the rest of us, or just someone who needs cheered up and could use a laugh.

What is your favorite memory of the Theater? My favorite memory of the theatre here at Ambrose would be the beginning of each year at the theatre picnic. I loved getting to reconnect with old friends, see what was coming up for the next season, eating free food, and meeting all the new people who wanted to get involved with theatre at Ambrose.

Any words of wisdom or advice for future Theatre patrons?
My words of wisdom to the future thespian bees is this: first and foremost, don't take on more than you can sanely handle. There's no reason to overburden yourself to try and do it all. No one will think less of you for passing on opportunities because you are already too burdened.

Secondly, if you can find the time, take the opportunity and try every aspect of theatre while you're here. Even if you have a set path for yourself, it doesn't hurt to broaden your horizons. You may even discover something new that you love more than your set path.

Last but not least, leave your preconceived notions of "cool" and "uncool" and the cliques of high school behind you. We're all in the same boat here. That golden rule of "treat others how you'd want to be treated" will be your ticket to having a lot of friends and good times in the department; and don't get too big of an ego pertaining to your acting/tech abilities. Even if you are as talented as you think you are, no one wants to be around the arrogant actor.

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