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Directing one-act plays

November 2013

Each fall, students in Dr. Corinne Johnson's directing class choose a one-act play to direct. Their one-acts are cast from students who auditioned on Oct. 16.

The Directing class is small, comprised of only six students: sophomores Shannon Rourke and Jonathan Johnson; Juniors Brooke Schelly and Chris Galvan; Robert Poston (class year unknown); and senior Jake Fields.

Schelly has chosen Waiting for Julia as her one act. Schelly says that she is "looking forward to opening Waiting for Julia. "The script and the cast are funny and so much fun!"

Waiting for Julia is a comedy centered on a boy named Peter who has come to pick up his girlfriend for the prom.

Johnson is doing Coffee With God for his one act. Johnson stated that, "this story shows that life is unexpected and there is tragedy and comedy in everyone's life. I am excited to push my actors to the next level."

Time Flies is being directed by Jake Fields. Fields says that he "can't wait to tell this charming story about two mayflies on a date in the midst of finding out they have only one day to live!"

Rourke is directing Margaret's Bed. "The play is about two people's in ability to come together," she said. "As charming, funny and romantic as the play is, it doesn't have the happy, typical 'romantic-comedy' ending you would expect. The man is staying at her apartment, but her name isn't Margaret..."

Rourke also said that "This play has been fun to work on so far. I have an amazing cast! We've been exploring every day, working hard and having fun in the process!"

Galvan is directing While the Auto Waits. Galvan says "this play contains elements of drama, comedy, and romance, and centers around the idea of mistaken identity. It is captivating to read and even more intriguing to direct." The 1920s setting should bring a sense of style to the piece.

Poston has chosen to direct And. According to Poston, And "follows the story of a brother who is having a mind blowing epiphany discovering the simultaneity of the universe. For example, right now you are reading this while at the exact same time someone is giving birth while children are starving, etc. So while he is explaining this to the audience, he is trying to tell his own story."

The one-acts will be performed Dec. 10 and 12 in the Studio Theatre of the Galvin Fine Arts Center. Performances start at 7 p.m., and the house opens at 6:45 p.m each night. No tickets are necessary and admission is free, but there are also only 50 seats in the Studio theatre. Seating is limited!

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