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Fulbright Scholar Paints Pictures with Numbers

Visiting Fulbright Scholar Ngan Hoe Lee, PhD

November 2013

The presence of Fulbright Scholar Ngan Hoe Lee, PhD, at St. Ambrose is providing a unique learning opportunity for students in the SAU School of Education.

Lee was selected by the Fulbright program as one of only 800 foreign faculty and education professionals funded to teach or conduct research in the United States this year.

"To be selected as a host school for a Visiting Fulbright Scholar in Residence is quite an honor," said Tom Carpenter, PhD, director of the School of Education. "We are pleased to have Dr. Lee with us this year and our students are taking full advantage of his expertise."

Lee is from Singapore, where he serves as an assistant professor at the National Institute of Education. Besides teaching, Lee is involved in international comparative studies in the fields of teacher education and mathematics curriculum development. He consults with curriculum planners and teachers from Bhutan to Chile, from the United Kingdom to China.

Lee knows math. But it's not just math—it is Singapore Math, a methodology increasingly being adopted by school districts across the United States. Among other distinctions, Singapore Math encourages a creative, interactive approach to problem solving.

"Many people see math as a lonely, individual journey," said Lee. "I see math as a social activity, a beautiful picture."

Lee's time at St. Ambrose includes working with students in the teacher education program, collaborating with faculty, making community presentations and providing in-services to local K-12 schools. Lee also is quick to articulate his own desire to learn from his year as a Fulbright and from his experience at St. Ambrose.

Among the things he most wants to impart to students is his passion for mathematics.

"I want to excite them," said Lee. "Every subject is a beautiful picture."

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