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Clients say what's great about SAU professional development

December 2013

Increasing know-how at your job through professional development at St. Ambrose is one of the best career moves you can make. But really - don't take our word for it. Read below what our clients had to say about their training this past year.

I just want to thank you for the hospitality over the last two days as we kicked off the HNI Leadership Academy. Part of our goal was to make this program stand apart from others in regards to the curriculum, facilitation, and environment. This first session and kickoff social definitely exceeded our expectations and set the tone for a great program. I look forward to receiving the member's evaluation scores and feedback.
–Brad Stoefen
Talent Development Manager, HNI Corporation

On Managing Project Communication
All directors and managers need to go through this kind of training.
Cobham, Davenport

It will help me communicate better with my co-workers.
Genesis Systems Group

On Grant Writing

I will have a better sense of how to manage projects and grants from the beginning. Also, how to evaluate where my time should be spent. 
–Dena Haag
City of Rock Island

On Project Management

We have many large projects coming; I will be able to serve as a leader with project management knowledge.
–Mark McCready
Modern Woodmen

This class was very helpful. I can't wait to take others.
–Breana Larson
Genesis Systems Group

I liked the instructors' personal stories and experiences; they helped me relate.
–Barb Heartjens
Modern Woodmen

It gave us a proven method to apply to managing multiple projects each of us are involved in.
–Brandon Parker
Nichols Aluminum

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