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December 2013

The Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (KCACTF) is right around the corner! It is January 19-25, 2014 in Lincoln, Nebraska, and we have a number of students participating from all areas of theatre. There are actors, directors, stage managers, writers, technicians, designers, and students auditioning/interviewing for a professional job. We are so excited to be representing St. Ambrose in Nebraska. It will be a great opportunity for all those involved!

Here are the events and competitions:

Irene Ryans: An acting competition further explained in November's issue. Student Tony Stratton '12 won last year!
Molly Conrad, Senior with acting partner Stephanie Seward '13
Brooke Schelly, Junior with acting partner, First Year Sam Jones
Tim Stompanato '13 with acting partner, junior Chris Galván
Jonathan (JJ) Johnson, Sophomore with acting partner, sophomore Jordan McGinnis
Jackson Green, Freshman with acting partner, sophomore Amelia Fischer

Devised Theatre: An abstract acting competition where students are given a prompt and then create a unique ensemble performance with the prompt as their inspiration.
Brooke Schelly, Junior
Zach Meyer, Sophomore
Conor Strandquist, Sophomore
Robert Poston, Junior
Rachel Pribulsky, First Year
Liz Phillips, First Year
Austin Eiben, Senior
Kelsci Eaton, First Year
Paige Allen, Junior

Stage Crew Showdown: A tech competition where students perform tasks in a safe, efficient, and quick manner. The events they must complete are Stage Weight/Furniture & Prop Placement, Border Tie & Hang, Costume Quick-Change, Light Hang/Focus and Knot Tying. We won this event last year!
Amanda Zweibohmer, Sophomore
Zach Meyer, Sophomore
Allie Stecklein, First Year
Jackson Green, First Year

National Stage Management Fellowship: Stage managers show their prompt script to professionals, get feedback, and stage manage an event at the festival. It is also a competition: one stage manager from our region will be selected to go to Washington DC to the national festival.
Shannon Rourke, Sophomore
Meghan McLaughlin, Junior

SDC (Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers) Scenes: This is for experienced student directors. They have chosen a scene to present at the festival with student actors and rehearse prior to the festival. SDC responders will critique their work, interview the director, and select six scenes for a public performance. The winning director will receive an invitation to attend the national festival in April.
Director: Molly Conrad, senior, directing 140 by Marsha Norman with actors Stephanie Seward '13, First Year Sam Jones, sophomore Shannon Rourke, sophomore Conor Strandquist, junior Paige Allen, junior Robert Poston, junior Brooke Schelly, and senior Austin Eiben
Director: Stacy Phipps, senior, directing Tartuffe by Moliere with junior Chris Galván, sophomore Becca Brazel and sophomore Amelia Fischer

National Critics Institute (NCI): A theatre journalism competition. Student critics will see and write about performances at the festival. The critic who writes the most thorough response and participates actively in the workshops will advance to the national festival in DC. Kelsey Francis '13 was 1st runner-up last year!
Michael Byrne, sophomore

Musical Theatre Intensive: Singers and dancers perform a piece from a musical theatre show and get judged by professionals. If they make it past the first round, they get coached by the judges and perform in a cabaret show. Stephanie Seward '13 was selected to perform in the cabaret show last year!
Duet by Molly Conrad and Stephanie Seward--Flight
Duet by Jordan McGinnis, Stacy Phipps and Chris Galvan---Next to Normal

Professional Auditions/Interviews: Students perform monologues or present portfolio materials and have the opportunity to get a callback and then get hired by a theatre company. We had a number of students receive callbacks last year!
Molly Conrad

Best of luck to all those involved!

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