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Cast Lists for 'Proof' and 'The Importance of Being Earnest"

February 2014

Importance of Being Earnest Cast List

John Worthing: Jordan McGinnis
Algernon Moncrief: Chirs Galvan
Rev. Chasuble: JJ Johnson
Merriman: Nick Pearce
Lane: Jack Greene
Lady Bracknell: Phil McKinley/Cami Sackett
Gwendolen: Shannon Rourke Cecily Cardew: Brooke Schelly
Miss Prism: Becca Brazel

Proof Cast List
Robert: Sam Jones
Hal: Conor Strandquist
Catherine: Becca Brazel
Claire: Madison Auge

Proof is about Catherine, a young woman trying to cope with the loss of her father (Robert). He passed down his mathematical genius to Catherine, as well as his mental instability. Hal, Robert's former graduate student, falls for Catherine and also discovers a paradigm-shifting proof. Catherine claims to have written the proof, but her sister, Clare ,and Hal do not believe her.

"I look forward to making this story come alive," said the show's director, senior Molly Conrad. "It is beautifully written, and there are a lot of intellectual conversations to be had when discovering the characters and dealing with the concept of the fine line between madness and genius."


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