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Freshman Focus: Madison Auge

Madison auge

February 2014

Hometown: Chillicothe, Illinois

Major: Biology/Psychology

Age that you started theatre: I've been in musical revues since I was five, but I guess my first legitimate theater production came when I was 10.

Dream Role: Just one? They're always changing, but I've always wanted to play Cathy in The Last Five Years.

Productions you've been involved in: At St. Ambrose, I was fortunate enough to be cast in Spamalot and in Toy Camp, but I've performed many shows and been involved with many wonderful theatre groups, including Community Children's Theatre, Peoria Players, Chillicothe Summer Theatre, and the IVCHS Drama Department.

Latest Project: Currently on hiatus, but really looking forward to auditioning very soon and getting back on stage!

Why SAU?: St. Ambrose has given me the opportunity to really pursue my passions of theater while studying something else that I really love, biology and psychology. The faculty and people that I've met are an absolute joy to work with and I never expected I could find a better place to be.

If you could have any job in the world: Oh dear.. I guess I'd have to say I'd be singing my heart out on Broadway for eight shows a week.

Who/what inspires me the most: I get inspired from passionate people. When I see people doing what they love and giving all of their effort, it makes me want to live my life in that same way.

Where do you see yourself in five years: Hopefully I'll still be at St. Ambrose as a part of their [Master of] Physician Assistant [Studies] program, and hopefully I'll still be on stage!

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