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Student-directed one-acts come to life

February 2014

On December 10 and 12, Dr. Corinne Johnson's directing students watched actors perform their one-acts. The Student-Directed One-Acts were the final projects for the Fall 2013 Directing Class. All of the work that each director put in with their casts culminated in these two nights.

Junior Brooke Schelly directed George Freek's Waiting for Julia, a comedy about a young man meeting his prom date's parents for the first time.

"I had a great time working on my one act with my actors," Schelly said. "I feel like the show went really well. Our performance was definitely our best one yet. The energy was high, and the comedic timing was pretty much spot-on. We accomplished a lot as a team, and I am very proud of us."

Robert Poston directed the play And about a boy experiencing an epiphany revolving around the fact that at any given point in time, there is a multitude of events happening to as many people.

Senior Jake Fields directed the piece Time Flies about two mayflies that discover they only have one day to live. This delightful tale chronicles the date they embark upon during their life-changing discovery.

Sophomore J.J. Johnson directed Coffee with God, a play that illustrates that there is unexpected tragedy and comedy in everyone's life.

Junior Chris Galvan directed O. Henry's While the Auto Waits. This play tells the story of a man and a woman who meet in a park. They tell each other about their lives, only for the audience to discover that the pair lied to each other. The irony is that the lives they described were very much like the other's life.

Sophomore Shannon Rourke directed William Inge's Margaret's Bed, a play about two people who can't manage to come together over what happens at the end of a particular night.

"Directing was a wonderful experience," Rourke said. "I had great actors and together, we created a show I was very proud of. It was a very hard class, but very rewarding. I would love to do it again."

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