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BeeFriend Kickoff Party

February 2014

International Friends were introduced to their American Friend match at the BeeFriend Kickoff party February 10.

The BeeFriend program allows international students (International Friend) and SAU faculty and staff (American Friend) a chance to form friendships with each other. Both the International Friend and the American Friend can have an enriching cultural exchange and gain a new perspective about the world.

Faculty and staff who have joined the program were eager to share activities and provide experiences beyond what a student might find on campus.

"There is far more to the culture of the U.S. that I would like for them (the International Friends) to experience than what is held within collegiate walls," said Randall Goblirsch, staff member. "I'd appreciate getting to know them, learning about their country, culture, customs and life back home too."

International Friends are also anxious to meet American Friends to learn more about American culture, meet new people, get more involved, practice their English speaking skills, and make a new friend.

In order to join the BeeFriend Program, the International Friend and American Friend committed to meeting at least once a month for the Spring Semester.

For more information about the BeeFriend Program, contact Cathy Toohey.

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