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Feb. 16-22: National Engineers Week!


February 2014

Engineers are continually changing the world we live in.

They design and build everything from iPods to roller coasters. They clean miniscule bacteria from our drinking water. They even develop the systems that get clothes onto store shelves.

Industrial Engineers determine the most effective ways to use people, machines, materials, information and energy to make a product or provide a service. 

The next time you see a surgeon extend an opened hand while a nurse places an instrument into it, think of industrial engineering. Operating room procedures were developed as a result of an efficiency study of medical operations by IEs Frank Gilbreth and Frederick Taylor. Prior to this change in method, doctors wasted much time—frequently while the patient bled—searching for the right tool.

Mechanical Engineer might develop a bike lock or an aircraft carrier, a child's toy or a hybrid car engine - just about anything that involves a mechanical process. 

He was the typical "geek" you might expect. When he wasn't reading, he was riding his bicycle or, more often, taking it apart to see how it worked. His love of learning, math and all things mechanical led to a degree in mechanical engineering and a career with Boeing. However, this engineer's greatest impact would not take place during his time at the multinational corporation but later, when he taught more children about science and engineering than anyone else in the country. Who is this mechanical engineer? Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Job Outlook:
U.S. News & World Report named engineering to its 2013 "Best Jobs" list based on projected job growth, average salary, predicted job prospects and a quantitative assessment of job satisfaction.

According to the Wall Street Journal, those graduating with a bachelor's degree in engineering can expect the highest starting salaries among their peers, with an average offer of $62,655 in 2012.

SAU Engineering Fast Facts:
• St. Ambrose has both Mechanical and Industrial Engineering degree programs.

• SAU has received more than one million in grants in the past two years: $500,000 grant from the John Deere Foundation and $600,000 from the National Science Foundation for $10,000 annual, renewable scholarships.

• The Program for Assistive Technologies for the Underprivileged allows engineering students to complete assistive technology projects for clients with disabilities in the Quad Cities, Virginia and Brazil.

• A dual admissions program provides engineering students from community colleges a seamless transfer to St. Ambrose with maximum support and benefit and an additional $1,000 annual scholarship beyond other SAU academic and institutional scholarships and aid.

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