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Diversity Fest 2014 includes celebration of Holi

Chinese Writing Demonstration

Demonstration of Chinese character brush painting

February 2014

Since 2010, Diversity Festival has been a St. Ambrose tradition sponsored by International Student Services and Intercultural Life. Last year we highlighted our international students–and students with different cultural backgrounds–to share their culture. This year, we will continue that tradition and also introduce the Indian Festival of Colors, Holi.

Holi is an Indian national holiday celebrated by many people of the Hindu religion. Holi is an interactive festival celebrating the arrival of spring, a day to celebrate good over evil as everyone gathers to strengthen relationships and repair broken relationships with one another. After the terrible winter we had this year, a celebration of spring can't come soon enough!

Diversity Fest will be Sunday, March 23 from 4:30-6:30 p.m. in the Cosgrove Cafeteria. There will be Mongolian BBQ, cultural exhibits, and information on Holi Festival. Please bring a white T-shirt to Diversity Fest. We will decorate them to wear on Monday at the Holi Festival.

Holi Festival is Monday, March 24, on the Rogalski Patio from 6:15–7:30 p.m. Please wear your decorated T-shirt and get ready to have some fun with bright colors and a bonfire!

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