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Model UN: Represented North Korea


2013-14 Model UN Team

[Back Row, L-R]
Evan Parker, Christopher Hollis, David Anderson, Beth Berg, Natividad Hirsch, Alexsandria Najda, Gabriel Price, Jaime Velasquez, Austin Slafer

[Front Row, L-R]
Jordan Meier, Caroline Thome, Crace Bruett, Kaylee Bowling, Bridgette Prince

April 2014

SAU Model United Nations Society (MUN) had another successful year representing Democratic People's Republic of Korea at the 2013 American Model United Nations International Conference (AMUN), Chicago, Nov. 23-26.

The MUN placed its 14 members to serve various General Assembly Committees, the International Court of Justice, and the International Press Delegate.

The committee assignments were:

The General Plenary: Joe Cordogan (History) and Jordan Meier (International Studies [IS])
The First Committee: Chris Hollis (IS) and David Anderson (Finance & Marketing)
The Second Committee: Natividad Hirsch (IS) and Colleen Shabunas (IS)
The Third Committee: Beth Berg (Political Science) and Robyn Kincaide (IS)
The Fourth Committee: Sophia Foreman (Psychology) and Hannah Bates (Communication)
The Special Peacekeeping Committee: Jordan Light (Political Science)

Caroline Thome (Political Science) was our team leader/permanent representative, and Jordon Williams (Political Science & History) was one of the ICJ justices. Grace Bruett (History) was an International Press Delegate and published multiple articles in AMUN Chronicle.

The MUN received both a Certificate of Accomplishment award for excellent representation of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, as well as a Certificate of Accomplishment for its well-written position papers.

The MUN prepares for the upcoming AMUN conference in November, 2014 and will represent Ghana. Dr. Duk Kim serves as the faculty advisor. The MUM will be under a new leadership team:

• Jordan Meier, President
• Beth Berg, Vice President
• Natividad Hirsch, Vice President

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