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Alumni Spotlight: Brad Frazee


May 2014

What was your major? Theater

What year did you graduate? 1997

What did you do post graduation and what are you doing currently?
I worked as a member of IASTE Local 85 and at St. Ambrose as the technical director of non-theater events and the assistant technical director of theater.
I am currently a member of IATSE Local 2 and the head electrician at the Arie Crown Theater McCormick Place.

What was your favorite memory from Ambrose?
When Eric Behnke used two moving lights as the car headlights in the show Rumors.

What do you miss most about the department?
I miss the great and talented people that are the foundation of the theater department and of the Galvin Fine Arts Center. I do stop at the theater and catch up when I come back to the Quad Cities.

What inspires you today?
The variety and opportunities that I have every day.

What was your biggest post-SAU surprise?
Moving to Chicago

Any advice for current students?
Branch out; don't do just one thing. The more skills you have the more opportunities you'll have.

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